Thursday, January 25, 2007



some of the people in my village speak Qeq’chi language . they are a few of them that speaks the mop an Maya and those are my family. I am so proud of my self to be a moping Maya . some of the Qeq’chi people are so interesting in learning how to talk in mop an . but some people take it as a joke . well to me it is that I had learn to speak mop an with my parent at home . some times I might hear it with some friends and I start to practice it. I would really want to learn to speak in any language and I want them to teach me and I am still interested to teach any one my language . also the way how the Maya people dress, cook their is different from the Qeq’chi people . their special music is marimba and harp. the Maya people are the first people to settle in Belize. the village that the Mayas are mostly found is in the Toledo south and they area the slave in the ancient time. the Mayas are so smart in doing any thing . sculpturing and writing on the wall in their langage.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

How i spend my Christmas vacation

During my Christmas vocation I decided to go fishing. I invited my friends to go with me. went to dig our worms and to be prepared to go on our trip. we left at about eight o clock in the morning . while we are traveling we are telling jokes and stories in the road .

when we arrive at the place were we are going to fish . we set up our self . some went up and others went down. well me I just put a worm on my hook and through it in the water and wait a while I was just to take out my hook in the water when a big fish came greedily and grab it. I hurridly pull it I was so happy when I caught a big one . all of my friends came and see what happen and they were surprise to see my fish. we continue fishing . we even went more up all of my friends have the same amount of fish it look like we are going in a race . when twelve o clock came we all take a rest on te river side under a big birch tree . we eat our lunch and tell lots of riddles. we rest about thirty minutes and start fishing we continue catching more fishes . I told my friends that we should go home and they all agreed . we all pack our things and head back home . when I arrive my parents are so happy to see all the fish that I had cought. my mom started to clean it for supper she add all the ingredients and when it is time for serving the food I got my plate and received my plate . I had enjoyed the food and it was so nice and delicious . after my supper I went out walking to visit my friends I came back at mid night.

it is great to have fun with other friends. when I woke up on the other day . I eat up for my breakfast and my father told me that we are going to plant bean . my mom had prepared a caldo chicken for our lunch when we come back. it was so delicious with corn tortilla. I had enjoyed the food.

it is great and fun to tell you about my christmas vacation. well fisrt of all i would like to tell you that in my own village of jalacte lots of people had celebrate and had a wonderful day . I had celebrate it in my village and it was so fun. I did not went anywhere to spend my vocation becouse we are busy doing lots of farm work.
my mom mother had prepared a nice caldo chicken with corn tortilla and it was so delicious. my freinds and i went to the cotholic church to see what is going on when we reach there we saw poeple playing harp and some ladies are dancing.the small rude boys are bursing popshots and thowing it to one another. when we are tired to see them we went down to visit other people and we eat at their house. at about 12:00 mid night we came back at the church and we eat up some nice caldo chicken. when i finish eating i retun my plate and went back home to sleep.
This is how i had spend my christmas vocation with my freinds and family

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

life in my village

About life in my village.

Life in my village is a bit harder many at times you one will have to work in order to have money. Parents won’t benefit you if you do not work. Sometimes they would when you are still young and having his or her education. But when it is time when you reaches the age of 18 you might just separate from them and be independent. This is the time that you just know what to do on your own.